ENG 370 VoiceThread

Radway & Thurber (due Nov 8)

Said & Wharton

Kosofsky Sedgwick & Cheever (due Nov 2)

Gates & Walker


1 thought on “ENG 370 VoiceThread”

  1. Teresa FitzPatrick said:

    Gates’ essay differs in one significant way from the other essays we have read. Several of the other essays are concerned with inclusion of a minority population, or a minor literature within the established literary canon. In Gates’ view, not only does African American literature need its own separate canon, it also needs to develop its own language specifically geared towards literary criticism of African American Literature. He eschews the idea that African Americans need to learn, speak, and write in the language of the established canon. He believes that African American literature, with the inclusion of music, gospel, and spoken word, is such a different thing from the established canon, that it must be considered solely on its own merits.
    As he says, “hermeneutic systems are not universal, color-blind, apolitical, or neutral.” Therefore, he calls from a redefinition of theory as it applies to black culture.


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